StreamAnalytix- Enabling Your Real-time Enterprise

StreamAnalytix is a Visual Big Data Platform that enables you to build and deploy streaming analytics and batch processing use cases rapidly, with best-of-breed open-source technologies, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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How Can StreamAnalytix Help Your Business?

Real-time VOIP and
Call Center Analytics

Monitor and boost quality of customer service while it is happening

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Streaming Analytics


Understand and provide what
the customers want

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Log Analytics


Ingest, search, and analyze all
your logs in real-time

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Real-time Marketing


Understand and provide what the customers want - NOW!

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Deep Social Listening

Deep Social

Perform deep sentiment and
topic analysis in real-time

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Predictive Maintenance


Predict asset failure to optimize supply chain processes and quality

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Process Reality as It Happens with StreamAnalytix

Industrys First Multi-Engine Platform

Unified Platform For Batch and Streaming Workflows

Ingest Big Data flows into the Data Lake from any source, blend static and streaming data sources.

Based on Open Source

Multi Engine

Get a consistent user-experience across Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, Tensorflow and Oozie.

Build Apps with Minimal Coding

Real-Time Machine Learning

Use a comprehensive set of advanced analytics and machine learning operators. Models can learn and score in real-time OR batch mode.

One Platform for All

  • Create real-time streaming data analytics applications in minutes with a powerful visual editor
  • Get a wide variety of built-in sources and sinks including HDFS, Amazon S3, RDBMS
    and EDWs, Kafka, Cassandra and Elasticsearch
  • Easily connect different pipelines together with sub-system integration
  • Extend the built-in sources and sinks with reusable custom operators
  • Increase your efficiency by leveraging drag-and-drop operators for predictive and
    analytical modeling
  • Take advantage of a rich library of data processing functions and built-in support for
    SparkSQL, MLLib and Spark data transformation
  • Blend streaming data with static data without any coding
  • Facilitate rapid development of industry specific solutions with pre-built components
  • Easily monitor business activities by plugging complex workflows and defining rule based alerts
  • Analyze the streaming data using built-in real-time dashboards pre-configured with
    advance charts and graphs
  • Monitor performance of running applications and their underlying compute components
    through graphs
  • Web-based configuration, management, and monitoring of the cluster with configurable
    alerts and notifications
  • Multi-tenancy controls with the ability to restrict resources for specific tenants and

Structured Streaming, Simplifying Building Stream Analytics Applications

Read the blog to take a deep dive into Structured Streaming functionalities, features, highlights, and mid-to long term outlook

How Does StreamAnalytix Work?

StreamAnalytix is specifically architected for real-time streaming data applications to provide rapid application development through a
powerful visual developer interface, deliver massive performance and scalability, and simplify deployment.

Big Data Streaming Analytics

A Proven Solution

Build use cases faster and increase overall productivity with your existing team



Build Applications 5X to 10X Faster.



> 4X boost in performance at the same cost.



Achieve 200% + gain in your team’s efficiency.



Process millions of events per second – both on-prem and on the cloud.

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