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Data 360

An end-to-end data processing platform− data ingestion, data analytics, machine learning, action triggers, and data visualization

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Optimized Solutions Across Use Cases

Credit Card Fraud Detection in Real-time

A large US bank predicts and curbs credit card fraud through real-time analytics using StreamAnalytix.

  • Cluster models identify fraudulent transactions in real-time, based on historical data
  • Classification of fraudulent transactions is continuously updated in real-time
  • Transactions are further classified by value and volume (low to high)
  • Custom alerts are created for various retail merchants and zip codes
  • Allows summary report for any interval
  • Enables persisting of identified patterns for future analysis and offline reporting
  • New models can be implemented in a weeks’ time

Connected Car Solution

StreamAnalytix enabled a large US based auto insurance provider to build an end-to-end real-time data analytics application for driver profiling and risk assessment. The application enabled a new usage based insurance offering.

  • Enabled an individual risk assessment model based on real-time analytics of incoming streaming data around; driving behavior, vehicle usage and performance data, and third-party data like weather and driving conditions
  • The driver profiling and vehicle risk assessment enabled a highly personalized pricing and discounting options
  • Additionally, enabled remote vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance services

Anomaly Detection in Real-time

Identify outliers through real-time analytics of transactional data, log data, customer behavior, and other historical data. Gain actionable insights in a wide variety of application domains such as: fraud detection, network traffic management, predictive healthcare, energy monitoring and many more.

A few examples include:

  • Analyze log data to detect network anomalies like suspicious behavior or patterns from malicious users/applications or faulty devices
  • Predict and prevent loss of a customer by identifying behavior patterns leading to a possible churn
  • Detect fraudulent patterns in massive stock market streaming data sets by using unsupervised learning methods, to identify anomalies such as market manipulation and price rigging

Call Centre Analytics

A tier 1 contact center deployed a new real-time call center analytics and infrastructure monitoring system with StreamAnalytix. It allows unified real-time analytics of events that are scattered across different media networks and geographies

  • Enables tracing of the complete call flow, and raising service alerts based on real-time data analytics
  • Allows call stitching in real-time (view, sort, filter and zoom into a call), and identifying top 10 most dominant call paths
  • Real-time sentiment analysis of multi-lingual text data, including: alerts on emails and conversations
  • Predicts future pricing models and requirements

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