What Makes StreamAnalytix
the Best Choice for Enterprises?

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the exponential growth of potentially valuable but elusive data is now a well-known phenomenon. Constant data emission by sensors, machines, vehicles, mobile phones, social media networks, and other real-time sources are compelling organizations to rethink their data and analytics strategy beyond batch-processing. They are increasingly aware of the need to have access to the latest information to gain a competitive advantage.

As a result, enterprises are moving to add real-time streaming analytics engines or platforms to their Big Data architecture stack. To do that, they have two sub-optimal options - expensive, proprietary, commercial products or they can "Do-it-yourself" using raw Open Source. Enterprises now have a third more favorable option for real-time streaming data application development - StreamAnalytix.

Enterprise Class on Open Source

StreamAnalytix is a platform that offers the best of both worlds by leveraging the strengths and alleviating the weaknesses of each.

Open source community is riding a wave of cutting edge innovation, however, building solutions using open source from scratch may be expensive and time-consuming. StreamAnalytix eliminates the problems of working with native open source and provides a platform powered by open source engines with enterprise-grade features, flexibility, extensibility, ease-of-use, and full enterprise class support.

StreamAnalytix rides right on the top of any standard Hadoop stack and also works well with other NoSQL options like Apache Cassandra and Oracle NoSQL DB. Other choices for persistence and indexing can be easily integrated.

StreamAnalytix is a platform that gives you a Future-Proof option.

Real-time decision support and analytics use-cases, today, are best optimized by utilizing different stream processing paradigms. Some use-cases require low latency, event level processing, whereas in other cases, the micro-batch computation is the best fit. StreamAnalytix simplifies the trade-off by integrating multiple engines in a single platform so that you can focus on your business rather than worrying about the underlying technology.

StreamAnalytix is the industry's only multi-engine platform with support for Apache Storm and Apache Spark Streaming that offers a flexibility to execute data pipelines using a stream processing engine of choice - to eliminate the pain of dealing with multiple frameworks separately, each built for a niche purpose.

Future-Proof architecture