Accelerate Your ETL Journey in the Cloud - StreamAnalytix

StreamAnalytix helps you adopt the cloud by integrating with on-premise and cloud sources to build cloud-native applications

StreamAnalytix provides connectivity to a wide range of sources with built-in operators to support quick application development on any cloud infrastructure.


Cloud Applications with StreamAnalytix

The StreamAnalytix Advantage

Graphical equivalent of an on-premise solution, in the cloud

Deploy in a hybrid or a multi-cloud environment

Build, deploy, and monitor workloads in a single platform

Native integration with multiple cloud services and connectors

Build Once - Deploy on Any Cloud

StreamAnalytix lets you build cloud-neutral applications which can be run on any cloud provider of your choice.

Rich Cloud Integration

StreamAnalytix supports a vast array of sources and services from multiple cloud vendors to help you create multi-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration applications.

Highly Scalable Secure Applications

Create high-performing cloud applications to process data from both cloud and on-premise data sources with StreamAnalytix's scalable and strong processing backbone.

Support various security protocols and out-of-the-box integration with cloud users’ privileges and roles.

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