Simplify Apache Storm Development
With StreamAnalytix

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Process and analyse real-time data without coding.

Build Streaming Analytics Apps Rapidly for any Use Case!

Ease of Development

A powerful visual designer interface makes it extremely easy to build applications quickly using built-in operators.

Abstraction over Complex Technologies

Lets you focus on your business logic rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Enterprise Support

What if you’re stuck or need help? StreamAnalytix comes with enterprise-level 24/7 support.

Compare Native Apache Storm to StreamAnalytix

Features Native Storm StreamAnalytix Sandbox
Latency 1 millisecond 1 millisecond
Scalable Architecture Yes Yes
Data capture/ingestion Yes Yes
Visual Application Development No Yes
Real-time Dashboards No Built-in
Real-time Data Enrichment & Search No Yes
Management & Administrative Tools No Fully functional GUI-based Management
Out-of-the-box PMML Support No Yes
Built-in Operators for CEP No Yes
Rule Based Alerts No Built-in
Monitoring Basic Advanced (Graphs, Charts, Alerts)
Pluggable Workflow Management No Built-in
Support Community Enterprise