StreamAnalytix Cloud – Your next-generation tool for self-service ETL and machine learning

By Aman Solanki | Jul 09, 2020

Impetus’ StreamAnalytix Cloud is fast transforming the industry’s extract, transform, load (ETL) landscape. Enterprises can now effortlessly build ETL flows on the cloud, leveraging an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. They can move, cleanse, and transform data in the cloud from any source within minutes to accelerate Spark application development like never before. StreamAnalytix Cloud is live on AWS Marketplace and will soon be available on Azure and Google Cloud.

As a next-generation ETL tool, StreamAnalytix Cloud drastically reduces the amount of time ETL practitioners spend on performing repetitive tasks across key areas like data cleansing, coding, versioning, workflow orchestration, and others. Its power-packed features provide unparalleled scalability and extensibility to drive strategic business benefits. Here’s a closer look:

Reusable transformation templates

Often, developers have to pre-process data and cleanse it through a series of well-defined steps. StreamAnalytix Cloud simplifies this process by allowing users to save a series of transformations as a template, which can be reused across multiple ETL pipelines. You can leverage these reusable transformation templates, or Processor Groups, to save valuable time and effort.

Unmatched extensibility for solving use cases

In addition to standard transformations, developers often need to implement custom transformations to meet critical business needs. StreamAnalytix Cloud enables users to write custom code for an operator using Java/Scala/Python language and reuse this as needed. You can go beyond the limitations of pre-built operators without worrying about switching systems or paying for add-ons. This extensibility helps enterprises swiftly solve mission-critical use cases.

Interoperability to enable easy reuse of pipelines

StreamAnalytix Cloud’s extensive interoperability enables the creation of ETL flows that can run on hybrid infrastructures and support multiple connectors to read/write data. The tool allows users to seamlessly run ETL flows on any leading cloud platform of their choice. You can also operate StreamAnalytix Cloud in hybrid mode, wherein it is deployed on-premise, and submitted ETL flows are run on the cloud. This “build once, deploy anywhere” approach helps users easily reuse pipelines and save major coding efforts.


Simplified versioning and continuous integration

For each new data iteration, ETL practitioners create multiple versions of ETL flows, and they often need to switch back and forth between these versions. Moreover, these different versions are typically saved on various version management tools like Git and Nexus. StreamAnalytix Cloud provides out-of-the-box capabilities for ETL flow-versioning along with powerful functionality to version and control ETL pipelines on Git and Nexus. Depending on your business needs, you can roll back specific changes made to an ETL flow and effortlessly switch to a previous version. You can also try out new configurations and innovate without worrying about making irreversible changes.


Seamless workflow orchestration

Once an ETL data flow is built, developers need to orchestrate multiple data flows connected in a specific topology with different actions for addressing a specific business use case. StreamAnalytix Cloud helps users seamlessly orchestrate data flows with actions and stitch an end-to-end business solution as a workflow. You can read data from a batch source, streaming source, or multiple sources, combine them, and create workflows to perform desired operations. These workflows can then be executed in a programmed fashion to orchestrate other workflows, sub-workflows, pipelines, actions, etc. The tool’s visual interface makes it extremely easy to configure and adjust workflows for optimal results.

Workflow orchestration

Data plays a paramount role in decision-making, and ETL tools offer a powerful way to manage data. Since building ETL flows involves several steps, accelerating this process plays a major role in helping enterprises achieve faster time-to-market.

If you are looking for a data-driven ETL tool with innovative, ready-to-use functionalities and support for all stages of the application delivery lifecycle (including design, build, test, debug, deploy, monitor, and manage), sign up for StreamAnalytix Cloud today.

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