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Build automated ingestion applications on the cloud in minutes

Design data ingestion flows using a multi-stage wizard-based approach to move your data from any source

Supports a variety of data formats, storage strategies, and scaling options

Built-in self-service ingestion application

Build and create your ingestion applications up to 10x faster with an easy-to-use intuitive interface

Kick-start your design with support for multiple enterprise patterns


Why data ingestion using StreamAnalytix?

Simple and flexible

Set-up data flows in minutes. Customize, enrich, and transform data as required

ETL at scale

Ingest any number of data sources. Scale up and down as needed

Rapid development

Build data applications 10x faster with an automated visual platform


Stay ahead of the curve with a modern platform based on the latest open source and cloud technologies

Transformations and mapping

Apply transformations and create mapping in just a few clicks

Powerful automation

Leverage in-built applications for complex operations and achieve higher productivity with task automation

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