Best in Class, Real-time
Stream Analytics

StreamAnalytix allows enterprises in any industry to quickly and easily create applications to implement their real-time use cases. Enterprises can use StreamAnalytix to take full advantage of the worldwide Open Source movement with a fully pre-tested and supported enterprise class platform. Some key features of StreamAnalytix are:

Visual Application Development & Monitoring

  • Design, import and export real-time data pipelines​
  • Drag, drop and connect operators to create applications
  • Monitor detailed metrics of each task and each instance
  • Set and get alerts based on performance thresholds

Developer Toolkit

  • Rich library of stream processing functions​
  • Enrich the context of streaming data with static data lookups
  • Define variables that can be shared across workspaces
  • Create different versions of a pipeline and roll back to an older version
  • Integrate two or more entire pre-built pipelines which may individually use different streaming engines

Spark Streaming

  • Rich array of drag-and-drop Spark data transformations including MLlib (Machine Learning) operations
  • SparkSQL support to analyze data flowing in a pipeline using SQL queries
  • Built-in operators for predictive models including inline model-test feature and visual analysis of model data

Complex Event Processing(CEP)

  • Readymade UI driven operator for complex event processing​
  • Multi-stream joins and analytics
  • Statistical operators and time window functions
  • High availability for CEP operator

Rule-based Alerts

  • Web-based run-time alert configuration
  • Alerts stored for queries and offline analytics
  • Support for multiple rules

Pluggable Workflow Management

  • Configurable abstraction layer​
  • Integration of Business Process Modeling (BPM) tools with the system
  • Useful in integrating pre-existing logic into the framework

Real-time Index & Research

  • Indexes the data as it arrives​
  • Enables blazing fast queries in real-time
  • Run-time modification of indexing parameters
  • Auto-linking between meta-data and content
  • REST and Thrift support

Real-time Dashboards

  • Connect a "streamer" to the data pipeline​
  • Stream data and analytics to a live web UI
  • Create and design numerous chart-widgets
  • Arrange widgets to form live dashboards

High Speed Data Ingestion

  • Configuration driven​
  • Built-in support for industry standard message queue systems:
    Kafka, RabbitMQ, TIBCO, and ActiveMQ

Elastic Scaling

  • Scale out with commodity hardware
  • Million events/ second on ten nodes
  • Abstracted from the application

Multi-tenancy Support & User Management

  • Create different "workspaces" for different tenants
  • Multiple tenants share the real-time streaming cluster
  • Support for LDAP based authentication
  • Control resource allocation for each tenant and/ or application
  • Super-admin can create workspace admins and regular users

Comprehensive Monitoring & Management

  • Web-based interface to manage system settings and configurations​
  • View logs on the UI to monitor debug system and application errors
  • Notification alerts on sub-system crash