Leading Cable TV and Telecom Provider Enhances Customer Experience with A Customer 360 View, Using StreamAnalytix

Cable TV service providers across the world are facing immense competition for customer retention and new customer acquisition, not only from traditional players, but also from a new breed of digital players.

StreamAnalytix provided this US based cable TV and telecom provider a real-time 360-degree view of its customers, enabling micro segmentation and targeting, dynamic marketing campaigns, and contextualized customer service for enhanced customer experience across touch points.

Real-Time Driver Profiling & Risk Assessment for Usage-based Insurance with StreamAnalytix

Auto insurance companies are increasingly investing in garnering data driven insight to offer simplified, transparent, and flexible products and pricing options.

This leading auto insurance provider chose StreamAnalytix to ingest, transform, enrich, analyze and store automotive telematics data in real time to build an end-to-end analytics application for driver profiling & individual risk assessment; and subsequently offer dynamic, usage based, plans to its customers.

Large US Bank Boosts Insider Threat Detection by 5X with StreamAnalytix

Insider threat is one of the biggest cybersecurity risks to banks today. Not taking appropriate measures to control insider threats, poses as much of a risk as an external factor such as hacking, especially in a highly regulated industry like banking.

StreamAnalytix helped this large bank to identify and prevent insider information security threats through use of predictive analytics and machine learning, to automatically and effectively detect previously unknown threat scenarios and patterns, and raise appropriate alerts and actions to prevent predicted breaches.

Top US Airline Boosts Customer Experience Across Channels with StreamAnalytix

Airlines today have access to a wealth of customer data. The ability to analyze this data in real-time can lead to revenue enhancement and effective customer experience management.

StreamAnalytix enabled this major US airline to efficiently manage, analyze, and draw actionable real-time insight from its continuously growing and complex customer and operational data.

A leading Contact Centre builds a Real-Time Call Center Monitoring Solution with StreamAnalytix

Call centers process millions of minutes of calls per day across vast distributed networks around the globe. Real-time monitoring of the IVR system can be a challenge considering the sheer magnitude and the need for reporting at an operational and customer level.

A tier 1 US based contact center deployed a new call center infrastructure monitoring system with StreamAnalytix that allows a unified view and analysis of events scattered in different media servers and networks across vast geographies in real-time.

Hyper-Scale Data Processing and Storage Using StreamAnalytix

Real-time analytics on streaming data can help enterprises offer contextual customer interactions in the moment and drive operational efficiency.

Impetus conceived and implemented a hyper-scale Stock Ticker application to demonstrate real time processing, storage and visualization of huge volumes of stock-tick data. The use case was applied to stock ticker data being streamed from over 80 different global exchanges and various sources.

Real-Time Multi-Lingual Classification and Sentiment Analysis of Text Using StreamAnalytix

StreamAnalytix enabled a major telecom operator to perform real-time, multi-lingual classification and sentiment analysis of text data.

The platform enabled;

  • Rapid and accurate real-time text categorization and sentiment analysis
  • Adjustable text categorization for domain-specific classes
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Enhanced sentiment analysis to focus on feature-specific opinion mining

StreamAnalytix Created $5 Million Annual Savings with a New Agent Monitoring System Leading Wireless & Telecom Services Provider

Real-time monitoring is a far more effective way to track agent performance in contact centers than analyzing a small sample of randomly collected calls.

A leading, US based, telecom provider deployed a real-time agent monitoring system with StreamAnalytix, which created cost savings of $5 million through measuring and improving agent performance on key business metrics like average handling time, first call resolution, sale close rate, and disconnect save rate.

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