Real-Time Call Center Monitoring Solution with StreamAnalytix

Case Study

A leading Contact Centre builds a Real-Time Call Center Monitoring Solution with StreamAnalytix

A leading cloud-based communications technology company that offers hosted contact center services needed a way to improve performance metrics, eliminate the guessing game of problem resolution and dramatically increase customer satisfaction. In an effort to improve performance metrics such as call abandonment rate, average speed of answer, and average call length, the client wanted to monitor the activities of every call in real-time. From an operational perspective, this meant creating a centralized system where operations personnel could:


  • View the behaviour of the call center infrastructure
  • Trace the complete call flow
  • View current calls happening in real-time
  • Generate reports that could predict future hardware capacity needs
  • Search calls based on various filters such as phone number, caller name and time in queue


StreamAnalytix provided an infrastructure monitoring platform that allowed a unified view and analysis of events in real-time. Highlights of the five-part solution delivered:

  • IVR Call Flow Call “stitching” in real-time including the ability to view, sort, filter and zoom into a call
  • Dominant Path Flow Insight into the top 10 most dominant paths a customer follows, including the ability to report the IVR
  • SLA Alerts: Service level alerts in real-time to allow managers to escalate issues and resolve them as they happen
  • Sentiment Analysis: Real-time, multi-lingual classification and sentiment analysis of text data, including the ability to generate alerts on email and conversations happening in real-time
  • Predictive Analytics: A reporting tool with the ability to generate historical reports for future pricing models and requirement identification


This case study proved the immediate and quantifiable business benefits from real-time streaming analytics for the telecom/ VOIP/ Call-Center industry. Some of these are:

  • Numerous person-months of productivity gain
  • Customer complaint resolution speed
  • Customer satisfaction index
  • Higher customer retention rates

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