StreamAnalytix created $5 million annual savings for a leading Wireless & Telecom Services provider

Case Study

StreamAnalytix Created $5 Million Annual Savings with a New Agent Monitoring System Leading Wireless & Telecom Services Provider


A leading US-based wireless and telecommunications service provider wanted to optimize call center cost by tracking the desktop activities of the call center representatives in real-time. This required creating a centralized system where operations personnel would be able to:

  • Track idle time
  • Track what websites are being used for how much time
  • Track outlook usage
  • Track various applications being used on the desktop

The client also wanted to track desktop activities when the agent is:

  • On call
  • Not on call
  • On call and kept customer on hold


StreamAnalytix delivered a three-part solution:

  • The team developed a Data Collector component to ingest data from multiple sources and send it to the respective Kafka topics
  • Built-in Kafka channels were used to ingest data further in Storm pipelines and process them. The following StreamAnalytix bolts were used to process the data:
    1. Enricher Processor: Provided support to look up and enrich raw data by adding metadata required for further correlation
    2. Timer Processor: Collected events within a time-based window and sorted them to maintain their sequence
  • StreamAnalytix persister components were used to persist

Business Benefits

  • Annual overall cost reduction of $5 million
  • Improved agent productivity with ability to handle more than 30 calls per day
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced agent idle time to 15 minutes per day
  • Reduced overall after-call work activities of agents to 30 minutes per day
  • Handling of CPNI information compliance
  • Identification of anti-company and union propaganda

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