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StreamAnalytix Lite

Build Apache Spark-based ingestion, ETL, analytics and ML pipelines in minutes

StreamAnalytix Lite makes Spark easy and expands the base of users that can build Spark-based applications. It offers an easy-to-use visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to build, deploy and manage Spark-based enterprise grade applications.

StreamAnalytix Lite is engineered to run Spark on a single node with no core limits. It allows developing, validating and running applications in a controlled local environment with an option to scale out pipelines using the enterprise version of StreamAnalytix.

Key features:

  • Easy to use a visual drag-and-drop, web-based IDE for Apache Spark
  • Self-service platform to create data flows
  • Runs on a Mac, Windows, Linux Desktop or VM (Less than 1 GB on disk)
  • 150+ built-in operators for sources, sinks, transformations, and analytics
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Includes data generator and real-time dashboarding tool
  • Supports Spark 2.3 running in local mode
  • Supports Spark Structured Streaming

Accelerate Spark adoption in enterprises with StreamAnalytix Lite

End-to-end application lifecycle management

Easy-to-use visual IDE to build, test, debug, deploy and manage Apache Spark-based enterprise grade applications

Self-service platform to create data flows

Build data flows using the visually interactive environment, leverage features like auto schema detection, test suite support, user recommendations, data profile view, versioning and more

Rich array of drag-and-drop Spark operators, no need for coding

Integrates and offers a set of comprehensive big data tools and operators including an array of data sources, processors, analytical operators, and emitters


Enables hand-written custom logic in StreamAnalytix Lite pipelines using custom-Java and custom-Scala operators


A web-based platform, multiple users can connect to a single StreamAnalytix Lite instance.

Visual interface

Built-in dashboards for real-time data visualization and a Visual Pipeline Designer for rapid application development

Test and debug

Offers extremely powerful debugging and DevOps tools for data inspect and data lineage

To know more, download the solution brief.

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