Spark Streaming Made Easy for Big Data Use Cases with StreamAnalytix

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The data flow platform for ETL, analytics, and machine learning on the cloud

Visually build and deploy streaming and batch processing use cases rapidly, with the best-of-breed open source technologies, both on-premise and in the cloud.

StreamAnalytix is a multi-engine, enterprise-grade, visual platform for unified streaming and batch data processing, and machine learning. Use compute engines like Apache Spark (and more) as the underlying technology to ingest, blend, and process high-velocity data streams as they arrive. Run machine learning models, train and refresh models in real-time or in batch mode, visualize results on real-time dashboards, and raise corresponding real-time alerts and action triggers.

Why StreamAnalytix?

Build and operationalize Apache Spark (and engines like Storm, Flink, and TensorFlow) based applications in the cloud 10x faster using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, an exhaustive set of pre-built operators, full application lifecycle support, and one-click options for on-premise and cloud deployments.

  • Build data applications up to 10x faster
  • Boost performance by 4x using the same infrastructure
  • Have your existing team work at 3x efficiency
  • Process 1Mn+ events per second – both on-premise and in the cloud

Key features

  • Unified batch and streaming data processing: Ingest and blend data at scale from any data source – batch or streaming
  • Click + code: Use an exhaustive set of pre-integrated drag-and-drop operators in an intuitive visual interface, or introduce custom logic in the language of your choice (Java, Scala, or Python)
  • End-to-end data processing: Supports data ingestion, data preparation and processing, analytics, data science and machine learning, action triggers, data visualization, and data storage
  • Data flow lifecycle management: Build applications end-to-end with support for the entire application delivery lifecycle; design, build, test, debug, deploy, monitor, and manage
  • Open source flexibility: Work with the power and flexibility of best-of-breed open source technologies integrated into a high-performance, scalable, and reliable enterprise-grade platform
  • Multi and hybrid cloud support: Build your applications and pipelines and host them on any cloud provider of your choice or host over a hybrid environment

To learn more, download the Solution Brief.

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