Accelerate Apache Spark Development and Operations - StreamAnalytix Whitepaper

White Paper

Accelerate Apache Spark Development and Operations

Build and run applications rapidly through a low-code approach

Want quantified metrics of enhanced productivity for Spark development and management over manual programming?

Download this white paper to find out how StreamAnalytix provides a practical and viable alternative to the complexities of building enterprise-grade Spark applications.

Enterprises are increasingly adopting Spark for tasks ranging from ingestion, ETL, and data processing to advanced analytics and machine learning. But despite its growing popularity, Apache Spark is complex, and the learning curve is steep. Moreover, developing code, integrating, and testing with Spark is often time-consuming.

Impetus StreamAnalytix, the only multi-engine real-time and batch analytics platform with data-360 capability enables accelerated Spark development to help Fortune 500 companies achieve significantly higher productivity.

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