Harnessing IoT data in an always-connected world

As the Internet of Things generates incessant data, organizations need smarter and more efficient ways to manage and process fast-growing data volumes.

With modern IoT operations, organizations can analyze unprecedented amounts of data from devices and sensors in real-time. But how can current approaches to data streaming help businesses manage these continuous information channels? And how well equipped are organizations for data visualization of batch and streaming data?

This whitepaper aims to answer these questions and delve into the importance of streaming analytics for today’s organizations. It will also highlight how:

  • Organizations can process high-throughput, geographically distributed events in real-time using data streaming technologies
  • Data streaming technologies, together with HTML5-based web technologies, can deliver state-of-the-art solutions that offer organizations timely operational insights across their businesses
  • You can seamlessly execute the rapid development and operationalization of real-time IoT applications covering an end-to-end flow of ingest, insight, action, and feedback
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