Transforming customer 360 for the connected consumer- StreamAnalytix Whitepaper

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Transforming customer 360 for the connected consumer

Massive volumes of customer data are being generated every second. To derive valuable insights from these real-time data streams, businesses must first be able to access a unified, single screen view of the customer journey. Yet, more and more brands are struggling to achieve this unified view.

How can modern enterprises get access to a single-screen view that provides a complete picture of every customer’s past, present, and future? How can they turn transactional customer interactions into personalized conversations in real-time?

This whitepaper explores why real-time customer 360 is imperative for today’s organizations. It also highlights:

  • What is real-time customer 360 and why it is imperative for enterprises
  • How Apache Spark based architecture addresses the challenges of real-time customer 360
  • How a leading cable TV network transformed customer experience with customer 360

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