Preserve the structure, logic, and execution rules with a state-of-the-art ETL migration

Why StreamAnalytix migration agent for automated ETL migration?

Massive reduction in migration efforts

Ensure automated translation with an innovative engine

Business continuity

Business-as-usual on existing systems while validating new workflows

In-built assessment

Prioritize transformation candidates with an in-built assessment


Reduced costs with significantly higher ROI

Visually equivalent modern platform

Get a near-identical visual experience of all your legacy ETL workloads on Spark


Build a future-ready competitive enterprise by onboarding to a cutting-edge platform

Simplifying the ETL migration process

Experience the power of StreamAnalytix

An end-to-end self-service data flow platform for ETL, analytics, and machine learning

  • Easily manage, monitor, and optimize converted workloads
  • Migrate once and deploy on cloud or on-premise in a few clicks
  • Enrich pipelines with advanced operators and improve performance
  • Onboard new sources and targets
  • Unified platform for stream and batch processing

Modernize legacy ETL platforms

Migrate your existing ETL workflows seamlessly to a new environment with our 3-step approach


Existing workloads are assessed for complexity, size, and compatibility operators


Traditional ETL workloads are transformed into Spark-based distributed workflows


Ensuring successful migration of existing workloads without data loss


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