Detailed Platform Architecture

StreamAnalytix integrates a comprehensive set of big data technologies to enable continuous analysis of data in motion and at rest across all stages of data processing, such as: data ingestion, data preparation, analytics, machine learning, data visualization, actions and alerts, and data sinks. And, offers an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports the entire application delivery lifecycle: design, build, test, deploy, and monitor.

Pre-integrated Drag and Drop Operators

Use a drag-and-drop visual interface which provides abstraction over a mix of complex big data technologies . Operators include an array of data sources, processors, advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, and emitters.

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StreamAnalytix Platform Overview

StreamAnalytix™ enables enterprises to analyse and respond to events in real-time at big data scale using stream processing and machine learning….

Impetus at DataWorks Summit 2018: How a leading bank leveraged Apache Spark and StreamAnalytix to rapidly rebuild their insider threat detection application


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