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An interactive data-first approach to build ETL flows on the cloud

Zero-code philosophy — Leverage 150+ operators and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create ETL flows.

  • Support for native cloud sources and targets

  • Build, test, and run ETL and machine learning applications 10X faster

  • Create a wide range of data-centric applications using a visual interface


Build powerful applications on the cloud

Ingestion to cloud data warehouse
Data integration
Data preparation
Cloud CDC
Data offload
Machine learning and analytics

Build once and run on a Spark vendor of your choice with zero operational overheads

Spark platforms

Cloud providers

StreamAnalytix Cloud advantages

Rapid development

Drag-and-drop to create your flows on a visual canvas with zero coding efforts

Join on-prem and cloud sources

Ingest data from multiple on-premise and cloud sources. Join, combine, and enrich data from multiple sources

Cloud-native execution

Optimally execute the workloads on cloud-native execution engines

Autoscale with changing load

Configure auto scale-in and scale-out rules to manage costs and execution efficiency

Support for major cloud data warehouses

Compatible with all the major cloud data warehouses like Delta Lake, Snowflake, and Redshift

Integrate machine learning and analytics

Add advanced enrichment and decision pointers to your data in motion with machine learning and analytics

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