Solutions that Deliver
Business Value

Enterprises can leverage the power of StreamAnalytix and our world-class professional services team to build breakthrough solutions that deliver significant business value. Some examples include:

Real-time VOIP and Call Center Analytics

Real-time VOIP and Call Center Analytics

Monitor and boost quality of customer service while it is happening

  • Piece together different parts of a call and observe the behavior of the call in real-time
  • Get real-time stats on all calls, agents, and queues
  • See dominant and abandoned pathways in the IVR
  • Set SLAs and get exception based alerts in real-time for process and performance breaches

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Customer 360°

Understand and provide what the customers want - NOW!

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Correlate information to present the right offer at the right time based on personal profiles and preferences
  • Monitor the performance of your contextual content and digital marketing efforts
  • Uncover opportunities for growth and areas of improvement
Log Analytics

Log Analytics

Ingest, search, and analyze all your logs in real-time

  • Remote log collection agents
  • Hi-speed and hi-volume continuous log collection
  • Dynamic, flexible, and run-time message format configuration
  • Search, view, and analyze in real-time
Real-time Marketing

Real-time Marketing

Understand and Provide What the Customers Want - NOW!

  • Monitor all customer interactions and respond with real-time ads and offers
  • Correlate data in motion and data at rest (e.g. CRM data) to create powerful customer views, profiles, preferences and recommendation engines.

Deep Social Listening

Perform deep sentiment and topic analysis in real-time

  • Uncover insights and trends in consumer preferences, emotions, and behavior
  • Quantify consumer perception about your brand, products, services, and competitors
  • Drill down to specific details for deep insight into social conversations

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Predictive Maintenance

Predict and prevent equipment failures

  • Uncover hidden patterns and unhealthy performance trends for better utilization, availability, and performance
  • Maximize productivity and profitability with people, processes, and assets alignment
  • Predict asset failure to optimize supply chain processes and quality
  • Take preventive corrective actions