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StreamAnalytix Documentation

Data Sources

Provides information to help you configure various Data sources to read data from.


Provides detailed instructions for configuring various transformation operators for processing and enhancing incoming records.

Data Science

Documentation on various ways of creating and using data science models.

Data Sink

Detailed instructions for configuring various data sinks to write and store data.

Data Pipeline

Documentation on usage of Data Pipelines.

Register Entities

Documentation creating your own custom functions, data sources and business logic.

Monitoring and Alerts

Covers pipeline monitoring, application and system alerts.


Describes various widgets that provide a view of overall health of the application and utilization of underlying resources.

Real Time Dashboard

Provides information to help you create real time graphs and charts for business insights.


Provides information on different functions like Date, Lookup, String, Math, Array and Miscellaneous functions.


Provides information to help you create new notebooks and share with other users.

Installation Guide

Provides detailed information on how to setup StreamAnalytix and supporting components.

What’s new in version 3.5.0

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