Start Building Spark Pipelines Within Minutes on Your Desktop

What is StreamAnalytix Visual Spark Studio?

Visual Spark Studio™ is a free compact version of the Impetus StreamAnalytix platform. A light weight development tool, Visual Spark Studio offers you a full range of data processing and analytics functionality to create, test and run Spark applications on your desktop or any single node

Working with Visual Spark Studio is extremely easy

Download and Install

On your Mac, Windows or Linux based desktop or a VM​

Build Pipelines

Use a rich array of drag and drop Spark operators OR use custom logic

Develop Spark Applications

Build, test, debug, deploy, and manage enterprise grade Spark applications

Why Use Visual Spark Studio?

Visual Spark Studio makes building Spark data pipelines or applications easy, for both new and experienced users. Build Batch and Streaming applications in minutes with drag-and-drop UI actions and built-in Spark operators and connectors.

Runs on your secure and local environment – no dependency on other systems- with an option to seamlessly export and scale out pipelines to a multi-node Spark cluster using the enterprise version of StreamAnalytix.

Features of Visual Spark Studio

End-to-end application lifecycle management

Easy-to-use visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to build, test, debug, deploy and manage Apache Spark based enterprise grade applications

No need for coding, yet enables custom logic

Use the rich array of drag-and-drop operators for data source, sink, transformation, and analytics or use custom logic with Java and Scala operators

Access to a wide range of data sources

Ingest data from an extensive range of sources, write into a wide set of data targets such as HDFS, Kafka, RDBMS, or Solr

Advanced analytics & Machine Learning operators

Built-in operators for predictive models, Spark MLlib, ML and PMML for model-porting


A web-based platform, multiple users can connect to a single Visual Spark Studio instance


Available for Windows, Linux and Mac


Data Sheet

GUI based Development and Operations Tool For Apache Spark,On Your Desktop- Free to Download & Use Platform Download Data Sheet

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About StreamAnalytix

StreamAnalytix enables enterprises to analyze and respond to events in real-time at Big Data scale. It provides enterprises with the advantages of an Open Source based, enterprise-grade platform, for rapid and easy development of real-time streaming analytics applications for any industry vertical, any data format, and any use case.