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Complex Event Processing, CEP is used in Operational Intelligence (OI) solutions to provide insight into business operations by running query analysis against live feeds and event data. CEP relies on a number of techniques, including: Event-pattern detection, Event abstraction, Event filtering, Event aggregation and transformation.


It enables you to register your own query. Below screen shows configurations required for a CustomCEPprocessor:

Configifuration Settings:

  • cep.query: provide the query for the CustomCEP processor
  • cep.query.messageName: it lists down all the configured messages, select the required message
  • cep.delegate: provide the qualified path of the listener class created for the CustomCEP processor



If you do not know how to write a query, StatisticalCEP enables you to select the defined fields such as Message Name, under Query tab to perform statistical functions such as Mean, Max, Average, etc.

Configuration Settings:

  • Message Name: select the Message used in the pipeline
  • Fields: all the fields corresponding to the selected message would be displayedThere are four statistical functions available for the fields: Average | Minimum | Maximum | Sum
  • Time Window:
    • Sliding Window: the time window slides as per the time window duration
    • Fixed Window: the time window stays fixed for the window duration.
  • Window Duration: time for which the time window stays
  • Group By: Eenables grouping of the fields
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