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Configure Alerts

Alerts will notify you as soon as an unwanted activity takes place within the system or every time the given criteria for an alert is satisfied. Some possible reasons for using Alerts:

  • Alerts act as wake up alarm on any unusual event occurring within the system or application
  • Alerts can be used when you want to validate data which is getting processed in the pipeline
  • Alerts can execute tasks or activities based on the business logic configured in the uploaded custom workflows

Alerts are enabled using a special Data Pipeline called ‘AlertSubsystem’, which could only be deployed by Super User. You can select one or more workflows on the basis of which the flow of notification through alerts will work.

Alerts home page has two main tabs:

  • Information
  • Configuration

Alert Information is further divided in two sections:

  • Application  – This shows notification alerts applied on the applications.
  • System – This shows the alerts applied on Data Pipeline for its components and System Health Metrics of CPU as well as system error.

Alert Configuration

Since you have created messages to function upon data pipelines, there will be a requirement for alerts both on System Data or Business Logic. This is where you require Alert Configuration. Alerts facilitate you to get notified every time the given criteria for alert is satisfied. This feature is enabled using a special Pipeline called AlertSubsystem, deployed by a Super User.


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