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Landing Dashboards

Superuser Dashboard

The Superuser Dashboard is the landing page when a Superuser logs in. The widgets provide details about Pipelines, Metrics, SAX Web Health, Connections, Alerts, and License Summary.

Pipeline Summary

This widget provides a summary of Pipelines throughout all the workspaces. It also provides information about cluster usage in supported engines such as Spark and Storm.


Metrics provides the count of different entities through all the workspaces.

SAX Web Health

This section helps monitor the overall health of the system through the memory and CPU utilization.


This widget displays all the connections with their respective count. Connections allow you to connect to infrastructure components such as RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, ActiveMQ, Cassandra, HDFS, JDBC, Hbase, Hive Emitter, Kafka, Kinesis, MapStreams, MQTT, OpenJms, S3, Socket, Solr, Tibco.


This widget will show alerts generated by System with a brief description and their timestamp.

License Summary

This is the summary of License owner and other details of license.

Workspace Dashboard

The Workspace Dashboard is the landing page when you enter a workspace. The dashboard has widgets that provide details about PipelinesMetricsSAX Web HealthConnectionsAlertsLicense Summary.

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