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Pipeline Inspect

Pipeline inspection is a mechanism through which the processing components of a pipeline can be investigated. It helps in identifying the functionality of individual components, like what meticulous enrichments or processing is happening with input of component and what is the output of the component.

It gives ease to visualize the input and output of individual components and to compare individual message fields, to a granular level. It helps to build or calibrate the business pipelines by reviewing the individual components.

Note:  Pipeline Inspection is only available for Spark data Pipelines.

Inspect Pipeline Components

To view and edit Pipeline Inspection options, navigate to the top-right corner of the data pipeline canvas and click on the eye icon .

Once the data pipeline inspection starts, you can analyze the Input and Output messages for the individual components in the Data Preview console.

On selecting a component, you can see its input and output in the data preview window.

You can select all the components and inspect data, by selecting the Select All Component box or selecting all the components from the Data Pipeline canvas. By doing so, output of all the components will be visible with component names on top.

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