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RT Dashboards

Dashboards provide a powerful means to explore and analyze real-time data using charts and graphs. Dashboards displays the status of metrics and key performance indicators for a pipeline. You can integrate everything you must keep track of, however disparate, onto a single screen through real-time (RT) dashboard.


Make sure that your pipeline has a Streaming Emitter, which send the pipeline data into the dashboard widgets.

StreamAnalytix allows you to perform following operations:

  • Configure widgets that display the real-time streaming data in the form of charts and graphs.
  • Save multiple useful widgets in the form of a personalized dashboard.

Create Widget

In order to create a dashboard you will have to create widgets for which the dashboard displays the results. Widgets are used to show real-time charts for the data flowing in a Data Pipeline that uses the Streaming Emitter.

Under actions corresponding to the Dashboard Name, the options are to View the dashboard, Edit it and Delete it. Similarly, if you switch to Widgets tab, the option to search for widgets created and actions are analogous.

Add New Widget

In order to create a widget, click on “Add New Widget”. It opens dialogue box that gives the Chart Properties where the steps mentioned below need to be followed. Chart is used for graphical representation of the data. Chart section has + button to add more charts.

Select a Chart type, it is used for graphical representation of the data. Its options are chart types like bar, line, pie and radar.

First select a Data Source, it gets created against a topology. The naming is as follows:TopologyName_MessageName_StreamingID

According to the data source selected, fields are presented. Select the fields and click arrow buttons to add fields on the X-axis and the Y-axis. You can also drag and drop fields.

Then select Series Type for the selected fields, such as Bar, Line area, Curve, Curve area, Scatter or None, and a color for the same, as shown below:

After choosing fields for the X-axis and the Y-axis, you can click ‘Apply’ and use the’ Filter Data’ option to filter the data that you wants to view.

Filter Data allows you to apply filter and functions on the data. This is used to apply filters on various fields. After applying this, real-time chart will start showing the data based on the filters selected. You can save this widget and it will now be listed under the Widget list.

In order to add a new dasboard, click on “Add New Dashboard” under the Dashboard tab, select the Layout and the Widgets.

  • Layout:  In the Layout area, select the number of panes Dashboard should have. When changing the layout having less panes to more panes, panes will be added on the right side.  Similarly, when changing the layout from more panes to fewer panes, panes (including widgets if any) will be removed from right side.
  • Widgets: When you want to add the widgets or edit them. Click on widgets and select the created widgets.

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