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Real-time Data360 on Apache Spark

‘Data360’ is a new term and is being used to represent a one-stop shop for all your Big data processing needs.

Enterprise IT teams are faced with the challenge of choosing one vendor for data ingest, another for data wrangling, a third one for machine learning/analytics and yet another for visualization.

Shouldn’t it be really easy to do all this in a unified way, especially if you have already chosen to go with Spark as your Big Data platform? It can be; however the powerful usage of Spark still needs very skilled Scala/Java programmers. A different approach is needed.

During this webinar you will get to know about:

  • A powerful all-in-one Apache Spark strategy for the enterprise and an implementation approach for end-to-end big data analytics processing
  • The elements of a real-time Data360 solution – Ingest, Cleanse, Transform, Blend, Analyze, Load and Visualize
  • A combination of tools and tactics used for Data360 on streaming and historical data, using Apache Spark and Apache Spark Streaming
  • How use cases like anomaly detection, customer 360, IoT and log analytics, fraud and security analytics and many more can be achieved using this approach
Anand Venugopal, AVP & Business Head, StreamAnalytix

Anand is a techno-business leader at Impetus Technologies providing product strategy, product marketing and sales leadership for the StreamAnalytix business at Impetus. He is focused on evangelizing and delivering real business value from big data and fast data analytics to Fortune 1000 enterprises. Having spoken at numerous big data conferences on a range of topics including big data use cases, ROI, real-time streaming analytics, enterprise big data bus – Anand is a well-known thought leader in the big data ecosystem. He brings 22+ years of software technology, architecture and go-to-market experience in hi-tech, telecom, mobile, gaming and enterprise big data and analytics systems to enrich his speaking engagements.

Punit Shah, Solution Architect, StreamAnalytix

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